Waste Water Treatment Plant


  • 6k Tags
  • 8 Screens
  • 3 Clients
  • 1 Siemens PLC
  • 1 Redundant Pair Gateway


Water Treatment


  • Siemens S7-1500 PLC
  • Siemens ET200SP I/O
  • Danfoss Drives over Profinet
  • Ignition SCADA
  • Ignition Historical Logging


This project involved complete re-automation and wiring of an existing waste water treatment plant at a large food & beverage factory in Northern Ireland. The addition of automated devices, instrumentation, alarm notifications and remote clients allows the facility to operate with minimal intervention.


The waste water treatment plant was controlled by an old and non-supported PLC and HMI system. HMI screens were basic and abnormal situational awareness was not a factor in the 1990’s. As a result, faults occurred without notice and operator intervention was required throughout the day.

The control system did not have a historian or trending package. The process engineers were not able to identify issues and improvement opportunities.


The solution was a complete replacement of the PLC and SCADA. A build of a new motor control center and upgraded field instrumentation.

Abnormal situational awareness and alarm notifications are a key to the SCADA solution to prevent environmental incidents and allow lights-out operation during night shift.


The result is a modern and reliable control system that safely and efficiently operates the treatment facility.       The new system was commissioned piece by piece allowing the plant to operate without downtime. This led to a very successful install and hand-over to the production team.

P&ID HMI Screen

Control HMI Screen