Unlimited History & Expandable SCADA


  • 30k Tags
  • 15 screens
  • 4 clients
  • 3 Allen Bradley PLCs
  • 1 Redundant Pair Gateway


Food and Beverage


  • Allen-Bradley Control Logix PLCs
  • Microsoft SQL server
  • 1 Redundant Pair Gateway
  • Ignition 7.7 


To capture the most out of their plant, our client required a system that could collect more data without having to pay for each data point collected. Tamaki implemented an Unlimited Historian solution and captured as many data points as site wanted. Plant Replay allowed them to quickly track down and solve process issues.


Sinton's Dairy


Sinton’s Dairy had several localized SCADA/HMIs that could not connect or share information with different parts of the plant. Operators were constantly having to jump from system to system in order to monitor and control the piece of the plant that they were operating.

This brought about problems with tracking down and solving process issues because none of the historical data in these systems could be shared or used outside of the localized HMI. In order to improve usability and expedite problem solving, Sinton expressed the need for a centralized SCADA/HMI system.


Sinton Dairy’s CIP, or Clean in Place, system keeps machinery cleaned while handling milk, orange juice, and other dairy products.

Tamaki Control recommended that Sinton should install Ignition as a centralized SCADA. It exceeded the requirements necessary to provide a centralized control system, and left enough room for future expansion of the system

Using Ignition’s unlimited history, Tamaki was able to store tag history for all tags displayed on screens, operator actions, and alarm logs. With the development of Tamaki’s ‘Plant Replay’, users were able to replay plant screens at a later time, enabling them to see what had happened days, weeks or even months ago.

This made it easy for anyone in the plant to effectively troubleshoot and track down production issues.


Sinton’s Dairy has used Ignition and ‘Plant Replay’ to quickly track down and solve numerous process issues since. They now have an expandable SCADA solution that will grow with the plant.

They have started the process of moving other areas of their plant onto Ignition, and are planning future expansion projects that will utilize the existing Ignition SCADA

A Plant Replay system allows Sinton Dairy to see what happened days, weeks, or months ago.
An overview of the entire plant floor.